Production Units: 50,000 sqm. of technology and efficiency

To be able to manage, using an integrated process, every phase of the production when it comes to making chains and accessories that are earmarked for different markets, adequate areas and set-ups are needed, which are capable of housing tens of processing and machining systems, assembly lines, control islands, packaging departments and warehouses for semi-manufactured goods and finished products.

This is why the Maggi Group is divided up into eight different production units, which are spread out over a total surface area of 50.000 smq, each of which have the ideal measurements and layout for ensuring the best operational conditions.

knowing how to go beyond set standards

The widespread experience gained within the consumer goods industry and the advantage of being able to count on a complete and perfectly integrated production process, means that the Maggi Group can come up with ad hoc products, in response to the specific needs of its clientele.
So, besides standard production, personalized batches also play an important role here, which are the result of a partnership between the Maggi Group and the Customer, which is based on a strict process of co-design aimed at problem-solving.
The job of customizing Maggi products is implemented by both personalizing existing products, e.g. chains – which can vary in length, finish, link type – and accessories, and by creating products that are completely “tailor-made”.

Treatments and coatings
the superior quality of the special processes

To ensure the utmost quality also in the special processes, the Maggi Group is equipped with two corporate units that are set aside, respectively, for hot galvanizing and heat treatments. Every treatments gives the product different physical, structural and mechanical characteristics, depending on the specific use that it is earmarked for.
The use of latest generation systems and sophisticated solution-control tests – in the case of chemical treatments – and the time spent heating up and cooling down – when it comes to heat treatments – guarantee the quality level of the treatment that is being carried out.
Even the surface coatings – from spraying to Dacromet coating, from bronzing to nickel-plating, from brass-coating to copper-plating – are all done with extreme care and in compliance with the highest quality and environmental standards.
The Maggi Group has a documented system of environmental control procedures in accordance with ISO 14001.

a “perfect” machine

To ensure the customer a service that is always punctual and well-timed and be able to guarantee the supply of a range of products with highly differentiated specifications, it is necessary that the complex mechanism that regulates the production organization within the Maggi Group functions with the utmost precision and simplicity: from buying the raw materials to planning the processing cycles, from planning the treatment and finishing processes to dealing with the complex network of exclusive subcontractors, from organizing the warehouses to processing the orders and dispatching the goods to the customer.
It is Maggi’s logistics center that guarantees the functioning of this prefect machine.
This entails planning and coordinating the production and treatment specifications, managing the production cycle periods for every job order, and linking up the end-of-process with the transportation and delivery to the customer.