Quality at the service of better performance levels

Many Maggi Group products have to work constantly under stress. For this reason, anti-corrosion and anti-deterioration treatments are used which are the best that the industry has to offer, such as cataphoresis, whose reliability is tested for more 500 hours in saline mist conditions.
What’s more, the Maggi Group only uses the best steel for its chains, in line with parameters that are the result of its specialized experience. The most commonly-used material is steel with manganese and boron, which is subject to an accurate core-hardening treatment, and checked directly by in-house Maggi Group technicians.
When it comes to making snow chains, every individual chain is fully inspected to make sure that it complies with the required quality standards.

The Maggi Group, together with industry-based experts, sets the standards

Maggi Group spa is present in CUNA, UNI and CEN commissions aimed at developing standards regarding non-skid systems for motor vehicles.
Maggi Group products are tested by the most authoritative European testing institutes and homologated by Governing bodies and institutions such as CUNA, UNI, ONORM (Austrian Standards Institute) , RINA (Italian Classification Society), NF and TNO (French and Dutch homologations for security products)
The manual in this section can be downloaded:
Maggi Catene Spa Quality Manual in accordance with ISO 9001 : vision 2000.

Production processes geared towards excellence

Everything that the Maggi Group makes is aimed at achieving the utmost in quality.
Every processing cycle is constantly subject to in-depth checks to make sure that the strict parameters are complied with. For example, every length of chain, as part of the processing cycle, is subject to strict inspections, with load tests covering 100% of production.
What’s more, the Maggi Group, thanks to its unique experience within the industry, designs and manufactures all the equipment and machinery used for checking and automating the chain manufacturing processes.
The entire production process is certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: Vision 2000.
The Maggi Group has also developed an efficient tracking system, which is based on “on-line” integration between the computerized checking systems and the production systems thanks to which it is possible to fully monitor the quality of the chains and find out where they came from, as well as check the processes and inspect every individual finished product.