The aim is to always be “one step ahead”

Being a main player in an ever more competitive worldwide context has resulted in the Maggi Group undertaking strategic steps and doing research so as to be able to tackle the new challenges set by the market from an “all-rounder’s” point of view, in terms of both production and marketing.

An international approach, together with the efficiency and flexibility of the Group’s individual production units, represent the winning mix when it comes to offering the market big advantages and emerging in the various areas of competitiveness: developing technological innovations guaranteed by Maggi Group patents; creating and manufacturing a wide range of products in response to customer-demand; guaranteeing the level of quality thanks to the use of centralized technologies and skills; being flexible in the warehouse stock, thanks to an efficient organization that is capable of managing the various production units; having experience and skills consolidated by an operative presence in at least 65 countries.

The passion and commitment towards innovation

From the very first patent, back in 1933, the Maggi Group has always considered technological innovation as the strong point of its enterprising commitment.
This real vocation geared towards the search for innovative solutions can be seen, first and foremost, in its experiments with original technological solutions and it covers the entire production process, aimed at introducing products onto the market which are unique in their performance, practicality and reliability.

The innovations created by Maggi have enabled it to take some big steps forward in terms of the technology that is used in various industries, especially in the field of snow chains (TRAK) and security (MYCLOSE).
Hundreds of ideas and intuitions have become original devices which are now recognized and appreciated on an international level. They have managed to revolutionize the way in which we conceive and use both snow chains and the systems designed to stop cars being stolen.

From the idea to the Product

The technical staff at the Maggi Group have, over time, gained a lot of experience in manufacturing products and machinery used in production.

Maggi Group’s Design department, in particular, uses the most advanced CAD technologies to make tools, semi-manufactured goods and finished products.
Maggi Group collaborates with technicians from research institutes and Italian universities and it also works with qualified engineers, both at home and abroad, aimed at coming up with the best design solutions for its products.
The testing systems, created entirely using Maggi Group’s own technology, make full use of software that is earmarked for monitoring the design specifications and were created in partnership with the best software companies.

The Patents: more than 70 years of ideas at your service

The most authoritative testimony of the commitment made by the Maggi Group when it comes to technological innovation are the more than 50 patents – registered in Italy, Europe, but also in the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan and South Korea – that have characterized the history of the Group since 1933 and which represent one of the most significant features of its products.
These patents not only cover snow chains and chains for heavy vehicles, but also chains for the marine industry, anti-theft chains and padlocks as well as all kinds of metal nuts and bolts.